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Travelling to ARGENTINA 🇦🇷 | This MONSTER MILANESA Was Our First Meal Back in BUENOS AIRES! 😋
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We are kicking off this South America trip! In this first episode, we travelled back to Argentina and landed in Buenos Aires - the most logical place to begin this 3-month trip. After taking a taxi into the city and checking in to our apartment, our first order of business was to go in search of food. On the flight over, we had been talking about what we wanted our first meal back in Buenos Aires to be, and my dad was craving milanesa. Well, lucky for us, the AirBnB we rented was just a few blocks away from one of the most famous milanesa restaurants in the whole city! We ate at Los Orientales, a place that has won many awards for its monster milanesas. If you haven't heard of this dish before, it's a breaded meat cutlet (kind of like a Wiener Schnitzel or an Italian Cotoletta), that is super popular in Argentina. We got the biggest portion on the menu which came on a platter loaded with French fries, potato salad, tomatoes, eggs, red peppers, ham, cheese, and probably a whole lot mor
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