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Visiting the SLEEPIEST TOWN IN PATAGONIA + Our Failed Travel Day in DOLAVON, Argentina
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Come join us as we continue our travels in Argentina by visiting the sleepiest town in Patagonia on a total failed day of travel in Dolavon, Chubut. Dolavon, which translates to meadow on the river, is a tiny town with Welsh roots in the province of Chubut located nearby Gaiman and Trelew. On the particular day we visited, on a Monday slightly after tourist season in Argentina, basically the entire town was closed for business. After walking back and forth multiple times we had many failed attempts trying to visit restaurants, bakeries, museums and other attractions. However, this was all part of the misadventure, and sometimes bad travel days make for distinct memories, so we tried to make the most of our experience by befriending all of the local friendly dogs, grabbings some empanadas and having an alfajor and drink at a gas station.
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