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Mouth Watering ARGENTINE SEAFOOD Lunch! | Visiting PUERTO MADRYN, Argentina
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Come join us in Puerto Madryn, Argentina for a mouth watering Argentine Seafood lunch feast! Our first full day of visiting Puerto Madryn included delicious Argentinian seafood and exploring some quirky museums. We kick things off with a leisurely morning beach stroll on a beautiful sunny day in Puerto Madryn before heading to the Museum of the Man and the Sea (Museo Provincial del Hombre y el Mar). This free museum, dedicated to local wildlife (on land and in the sea), was a favorite of both of ours.The most interesting things we saw inside was a giant calamari and whale skeleton. For lunch we headed over to El NĂ¡utico Cantina for a delicious seafood lunch that included pickled calamari, tuna salad, fried seafood rice and salmon with roquefort cheese, red wine and white wine! Overall, it was a delicious meal. If you're looking for a great restaurant in Puerto Madryn check this place out for sure
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