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Ultimate Taiwan Day Trip - Shifen & Jiufen Travel Guide from Taipei
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Taipei is beautiful on its own but one thing we love to do is explore the countryside. If you got a day to spare do a day trip from Taipei to Shifen and Jiufen. This is a travel guide for First Timer on how to plan your Taiwan Day Trip itinerary from Taipei. First things first head down to Taipei Main Station where you’ll take the TRA line towards Ruifang Station. From Ruifang switch to the Pingxi Line towards Shifen. At Shifen you can fly the lantern at Shifen Old Street and you can also take a 15 minute walk towards the picturesque shifen waterfall. When you are done take the Pingxi Line back to Ruifang where you’ll take bus 788 towards Jiufen (15 minute ride) At Jiufen you can explore Jiufen old street for the street food and breathtaking views down the mountain and enjoy a cup of tea at Amei Tea house.
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