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First Thoughts on Taiwan | Best Things to do in Kaohsiung
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To our surprise we have arrived in Taiwan and our first spot is the southern coastal city of Kaohsiung. These are our first thoughts on this country! During our city tour of Kaohsiung we have come across so many friendly locals who have helped us see the best things in the city. First stop we went to have a traditional Taiwanese breakfast at Xing Long Ju before making our way to the lotus pond to see the Dragon and Tiger pagodas. On the way back to our hotel we went to Cijin island where we hired these electric "very cool looking" bikes to go around the island - heading up the lighthouse and down to the beach. The next day we went to the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, had some mango shaved ice and ended our time here at the top of the 85 Sky Tower.
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