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Mactan Airport's FRIENDLIEST Filipinos!
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Running on two hours of sleep and interacting with the overnight crew does not sound great. WE. WERE. WRONG! Come meet Mactan Airport's FRIENDLIEST Filipinos! Leaving Cebu Island in the Philippines was heartbreaking! We have enjoyed every second of getting to explore the beautiful Philippines and befriend the most friendliest Filipinos. We though leaving from Mactan International Airport on two hours of sleep AND overnight was going to be pretty rough. However, we were so wrong. Mactan International Airport in Cebu had some of the nicest Filipino people we have meet! After feeling the love, we checked in and went straight to the Mactan International Airport Premium Plaza Lounge to try and get our caffeine fix. Join us on our last hours in the Philippines as we meet Mactan Airport's friendliest Filipinos!
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