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Da Nang, Vietnam 🌴 The FOOD, The SIGHTS & Trying to Surf
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For this year’s Chuseok holiday, we shook things up and took a trip with Kyuho’s parents to Da Nang, Vietnam :) We simply wanted to enjoy a relaxing holiday together swimming at the beach, enjoying beautiful scenery, and eating food that OTHER people prepared for us—as Kyuho’s mom always does a ton of cooking during the holidays, so it was so nice to see her be able to kick back for a change. hIn this 'part 2' video, we swam and (attempted to) surf, enjoyed some INCREDIBLE Vietnamese food, and went to see the beautiful 'Lady Buddha' on Chuseok day. Da Nang is honestly one of the most gorgeous places we've ever been, and we'd love to go back someday soon!
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