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Thu 09 Jan 2020
Visiting the SLEEPIEST TOWN IN PATAGONIA + Our Failed Travel Day in DOLAVON, Argentina
Come join us as we continue our travels in Argentina by visiting the sleepiest town in Patagonia on a total failed day of travel in Dolavon, Chubut. Dolavon, which translates to meadow on the river, is a tiny town with Welsh roots in the province of Chubut located nearby Gaiman and Trelew. On the particular day we visited, on a Monday slightly after tourist season in Argentina, basically the entire town was closed for business. After walking back and forth multiple times we had many faile...
MENTIONS: El Rayo, El Viejo Molino
Sun 29 Dec 2019
Mouth Watering ARGENTINE SEAFOOD Lunch! | Visiting PUERTO MADRYN, Argentina
Come join us in Puerto Madryn, Argentina for a mouth watering Argentine Seafood lunch feast! Our first full day of visiting Puerto Madryn included delicious Argentinian seafood and exploring some quirky museums. We kick things off with a leisurely morning beach stroll on a beautiful sunny day in Puerto Madryn before heading to the Museum of the Man and the Sea (Museo Provincial del Hombre y el Mar). This free museum, dedicated to local wildlife (on land and in the sea), was a favorite of ...
MENTIONS: El Náutico Cantina, Museo Provincial del Hombre y el Mar
Sat 09 Nov 2019
A Week in AUSTIN, TX -- Part 1
In mid-October of 2018, I spent a week in Austin. The first few days revolved around tacos, beer, and new friends! I stayed at the HK Austin hostel, which is part-owned by famed blogger, Nomadic Matt. More footage of HK Austin hostel will be in a following video.
MENTIONS: HK Austin Hostel, Jo's Coffee, Veracruz All Natural Food Truck
Sat 26 Oct 2019
Why Ninh Binh (Vietnam) should be on the TOP of your travel bucket list
We decided to skip busy Ha Long Bay to explore Ninh Binh instead which has been described as Ha Long Bay on land. We have to say we have zero regrets. Ninh Binh turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of our Vietnam trip.
MENTIONS: Hang Múa, Hang Múa Ecolodge, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Phat Diem, Tràng An
Sun 22 Sep 2019
Da Nang, Vietnam 🌴 The FOOD, The SIGHTS & Trying to Surf
For this year’s Chuseok holiday, we shook things up and took a trip with Kyuho’s parents to Da Nang, Vietnam :) We simply wanted to enjoy a relaxing holiday together swimming at the beach, enjoying beautiful scenery, and eating food that OTHER people prepared for us—as Kyuho’s mom always does a ton of cooking during the holidays, so it was so nice to see her be able to kick back for a change. hIn this 'part 2' video, we swam and (attempted to) surf, enjoyed some INCREDIBLE Vietnamese food, an...
MENTIONS: Chùa Linh Ứng, Madame Hahn
Wed 18 Sep 2019
Eating Our Way Through COPENHAGEN! - Top Restaurants, Food & City Tour! (Denmark)
Today we’re finding the best food, restaurants and sights Copenhagen has to offer! We biked all over this amazing city and had a blast taking in the beautiful architecture and eating so much delicious food! Huge thanks to Visit Denmark for sponsoring this video.
MENTIONS: Amager Strandpark, BÆST, Bella Sky Hotel, BICYCLE CHEF by Morten Kryger Wulff, Kajakhotellet - Kalvebod Bølge and 4 others
Sun 28 Jul 2019
Best Ramen In Tokyo Japan – From Michelin Star To Unexpectedly Mind Blowing
Ramen is taking over the world. It’s hearty, it’s got flavour, there’s a dynamic range of textures, and it’s simple yet complex at the same time. In order to truly understand the Japanese favourite comfort food, one has to make a pilgrimage to where this simple bowl of soup, noodles, and toppings began. There’s no doubt that the capital of Japan is home to the best food and so this is where I recommend that you start your tour of the best ramen in Tokyo, Japan.
MENTIONS: Fuunji, Kagari, Kikanbo, Matador, Musashiya and 3 others
Tue 16 Jul 2019
Tour of Miraflores - PERUVIAN FOOD LUNCH, Ocean Views + Great Coffee! | Lima, Peru
Miraflores, Lima, Peru - One of the best neighborhood to live in or stay in when you visit Lima is Miraflores. It’s a great area to walk around, there are parks, oceanside, and plenty of cafes, restaurants and shopping.
MENTIONS: Larcomar, Oceano Azul, Parque Kennedy, Puku Puku Cafe Larco, Wong Supermarket
Thu 04 Jul 2019
LEGENDARY Local WARUNGS + BALI Rare BEEF LAWAR: Indonesian Food Tour
Today was all about local WARUNGS! After watching a beautiful sunrise, I headed over to Nasi Campur Weti to eat at this legend of a warung. With locals lined up far with over 30 minutes until open! I didn’t have to wait too long as I was dining in, but I will say...I would have waited an hour for that nasi campur. What a LEGEND. Next up and only a short 20 minute walk away, was Mak Beng. This place only does a few things, fried fish and fish head soup. However, for good reason as they...
MENTIONS: Kue Laklak Bali Rama 5, Warung Lawar Kodi, Warung Mak Beng, Warung Nasi Bali Men Weti
Mon 24 Jun 2019
Today felt unreal. To finally be able to have a food filled day with Willflyforfood, a couple of Traveleaters that I have looked up to for some time. I had always enjoyed reading their content so the fact that I was able to finally get to meet the people behind the food based travels was really exciting.
MENTIONS: Bacolod Chicken Parilla, Kabayan's Gotohan & Kainan