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Wed 06 Jan 2021
Solo Hiking Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala
Backpacking alone for 24 hours on Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala Panasonic asked me to capture a solo hiking trip with their new full-frame S5 camera .
MENTIONS: Fat Cat Coffee House, Porta Hotel Antigua, Volcan De Acatenango, Volcan De Fuego
Sat 02 Jan 2021
STUCK ON A MOUNTAIN IN THE ALBANIAN ALPS | Village of Theth, Albania (winter season)
Freezing to death in the Albanian alps is not how I envisioned on leaving this world! This was one hell of a journey. Not one I would have ever taken if I knew what was ahead of me. If you're thinking of visiting the amazing village of Theth while you're in Albania, MAKE SURE YOU GO IN THE SUMMER! Do not make the same mistake I did lol. Thankfully I survived and had an AMAZING time exploring some of the most beautiful and raw nature that I have ever seen.
MENTIONS: Thethi Cold Spring hotel
Thu 31 Dec 2020
Oops! I bought a lot of new gear! Let's talk about it (Sony A7SIII, Insta360 OneX2 + more)
All gear that I talked about in this video (+ some I didn't even mention) can be found at:
Tue 29 Dec 2020
Travelling to ARGENTINA 🇦🇷 | This MONSTER MILANESA Was Our First Meal Back in BUENOS AIRES! 😋
We are kicking off this South America trip! In this first episode, we travelled back to Argentina and landed in Buenos Aires - the most logical place to begin this 3-month trip. After taking a taxi into the city and checking in to our apartment, our first order of business was to go in search of food. On the flight over, we had been talking about what we wanted our first meal back in Buenos Aires to be, and my dad was craving milanesa. Well, lucky for us, the AirBnB we rented was just a few blo…
MENTIONS: Los Orientales
Sun 20 Dec 2020
Solo Hiking Mt Matsuo - Hyogo, Japan - Sony A7SIII
I recently headed up an hour north of Kobe to do an easy little day hike up Mt Shiraga. Unfortunately I didn't get the whole way there but still had beautiful views the whole time.
MENTIONS: Mt. Shiraga
Wed 16 Dec 2020
First Day In Tirana, Albania | I AM SO IMPRESSED!
MENTIONS: Oda - Traditional Albanian Cuisine, Tony’s American Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Mon 16 Nov 2020
Solo Hiking Mt Daisen - Tottori, Japan 4K
I recently head up north of Osaka to Tottori to check out Daisen National Park in all it's autumn glory. It was cold, misty, windy and worth every single shiver. Highly recommended.
Sun 20 Sep 2020
Hiking 90 miles on the Alta Via 1 | The Dolomites, Italy
The Alta Via 1 is a long-distance walking trail through the Italian Dolomites. An average day on the trail may involve 6-8 hours of walking with ascents and descents of around 2625 ft/800 meters. The route typically takes between 7-10 days to complete. We ended up hiking a little over 90 miles on the Alta Via 1 in the month of August.
MENTIONS: Lago di Braies, Scotoni Hütte
Sat 19 Sep 2020
Hiking Japan's Northern Alps Alone 4K・Mt Oku-Hotaka, Kamikochi w/Peak Design Tripod
Kamikochi is outstandingly beautiful area and I can't wait to revisit it! Mt Oku-Hotaka on the other hand is a tough hike to do in 2 days but somehow I still managed it and could walk the next day (but not very well). I'm super keen to climb more mountains in this area!
MENTIONS: Mt Oku-Hotaka
Fri 11 Sep 2020
Flying in 2020 + A Perfect Day in Switzerland
I got to spend one night in Wengen above the Lauterbrunnen valley to hike around the beautiful Jungfrau Region. I had a freelance job come in for Zurich, so I asked them to book my flight back a day late so I could go on a mini-adventure to the Swiss Alps. This video shows what it's like flying in 2020 from Heathrow, staying at a hotel, and then it's a big slice of pure escapism as I head up to the mountains.